The Neighborhood Legislature is a historical reform initiative that aims to reverse the erosion of democracy in California by transferring political power away from super wealthy special interest groups and back into the hands of the people. We accomplish this by revolutionizing the state legislature’s electoral system, adapting it to meet the unique challenges facing a 21st century republic.

We believe that the influence of big money in politics is potentially the greatest threat facing our republic today. Our leaders are forced to rely on donations from super-wealthy special interest groups in order to get elected. This gives these groups an inordinate amount of power over our government leaders--more power than even the citizens who vote them into office. 

Fortunately, we have a solution: the Neighborhood Legislature Reform Act. This ballot initiative will reform the California state legislature’s electoral architecture to get special interests out of politics and to return power to the people.

How do we do this? By shrinking existing electoral districts down to the size of neighborhoods. As districts shrink, so will campaigns—and they’ll become so inexpensive that candidates don’t have to sell themselves to special interests in order to stand a chance at election. Representatives will be more intimately connected and involved with their constituencies, and elections will be door-to-door and issue-based. Public faith and participation in politics should flourish as a result.

Won’t this create more politicians? Yes, but they’ll be active community members, not career politicians, and a working committee of only 120 (the same size as our current legislature) will take care of the brunt of the work to maintain efficiency. This also maintains the democratic balance in our republic. 

Other reform measures like public financing, contribution limits, and disclosure laws don’t fix the root of the problem. In fact, they’ve only made things worse. By making big money unnecessary in politics, the Neighborhood Legislature will restore political equality, boost voter engagement, and make representation fair and equal for all.  

We’ve been at this already for about three years, and have garnered around 10,000 supporters in various groups throughout the state. We'd love for you to join our movement by checking out our jobs and opportunities page, or by giving a donation. Together, we can restore political equality, revive public faith in politics, and return California to the thriving society it once was. 


Paid for by Neighborhood Legislature, a ballot measure committee controlled by John Cox